Mini Power Transformers for Interface Card

Product Announcement from MPS Industries

Mini Power Transformers for Interface Card-Image

In its effort to continuously support the world's telecommunication industry's latest technologies, MPS Industries has developed a series of mini power transformers with reinforced isolation for interface card applications. Our M6201 series is constructed per IEC60950 reinforced isolation requirements and are designed to be used for RS-232, RS-485, and other lower power DC to DC converter cards, which use the MAX253 or MAX485 power driver with 3.3V or 5.0V source. This series complies with IEC60950 basic, supplementary, and reinforced isolation requirements. If you are looking for higher level requirements such as VDE or UL60601, please contact us and we can provide a custom solution. In addition, MPS is also supporting the RF, D3/E3, broadband, BPL, and ethernet industries by developing high frequency matching transformers (R3600 Series) with bandwidth from 0.1 MHz to 400 MHz with supplementary or reinforced isolation. This series is constructed to meet IEC60950 isolation requirements. Please contact us for additional safety agency requirements. For detailed specifications on our standard or custom mini power transformers for interface card applications, please contact MPS Sales (