Helmel Checkmaster CMM from MSI-Viking Gage

Product Announcement from MSI-Viking Gage

Helmel Checkmaster CMM from MSI-Viking Gage-Image

The Helmel Checkmaster CMM is Flexible, Accurate and Affordable and Made in the USA! Measure, scan and digitize. Imagine handling Geometric callouts like Flatness, Concentricity and True Position with ease and confidence. The Checkmaster is an indispensable multi-use tool that lets you inspect-to-print, monitor product quality, analyze process variables, solve production problems, verify tooling, produce dimensions and CAD elements for unknown parts, and professionally document your quality.

Proven Reliabliity and Ease of Use...Since 1973 we have delivered thousands of reliable mechanical bearing CMMs that need only a standard power outlet for operation. Helmel CMMs are made precisely straight and square so they deliver accuracy to specification without need for error correcting software or a "homing" sequence. It's On-and-Go, today, next week, next year, and your calibration costs are lower as a result.