Measurement Specialties Digital Gaging Probe

Product Announcement from MSI-Viking Gage

Measurement Specialties Digital Gaging Probe-Image

Measurement Specialties DLBB315PA-040 8mm diameter digital gaging probe, 2mm range, spring push The Ultimate-Precision Digital LBB gaging system consists of digital gaging probes daisy chained in a network using T-Connectors (available separately) with DE-9P and -9S connectors. Each Digital LBB gaging probe includes a highly repeatable analog AC LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) gaging probe guided with a precision linear ball bearing, mated to an in-line digital I/O signal conditioning module. The circuitry and firmware feature digital calibration and linearity correction of the digital output position signal with very high accuracy.


  • Drop-in replacement for Solartron Orbit®2, mounts to Orbit®2 applications w/out need for T-Connector replacement.
  • High resolution 14-bit digitizing module; Built-in digital linearity correction
  • Robust probes with precision linear ball bearing
  • Very easy to setup and use (Plug-and-play); USB device name for easy Windows® recognition
  • RoHS and CE Mark (Excellent noise immunity in industrial environments), all devices