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500 Volt Three Phase BLDC Motor Driver

Product Announcement from MSK Products

500 Volt Three Phase BLDC Motor Driver-Image

The new MSK4357 is a 500 volt rated, three-phase, brushless DC motor driver consisting of the bridge, gate drive, control and protect circuitry, all contained in a compact hermetic metal package measuring just 2.10" x 2.25" x 0.390". The output transistors are fast switching Insulate Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT's), matched up with FRED-type diodes known for their excellent reverse recovery characteristics at high current ratings. Output current is rated at 28 Amps continuous and 60 Amps peak. An internal high-side power supply, derived from the +15 volt supply, completely eliminates the need for three floating independent power sources for the high-side supply. Shoot-through protection is accomplished with a built-in 2 microsecond deadtime, preventing simultaneous turn-on of the in-line half bridge transistors. Under voltage lockout is also provided internally. The MSK4357 is available in industrial and fully compliant military versions.

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