MSK4204RH complete H-Bridge PWM Amplifier

Product Announcement from MSK Products

MSK4204RH complete H-Bridge PWM Amplifier-Image

The new MSK4204RH is a complete H-Bridge PWM amplifier intended for use in space applications. Rated at 10 Amps continuous (23 Amps peak) and 70 volts maximum, this device features internal PWM generation (adjustable to 50 KHz maximum) and shoot-through protection. An on-board +5 volt linear regulator provides up to 500mA separately for powering other components nearby if desired. The MSK4204RH is Total Dose rated to 100K RAD and has a high resistance to Single Event Effects (SEE), Single Event Gate Ruptone (SEGR) and neutron tolerance. The compact hermetic metal package measures just 2.1" x 2.25" x 0.395" and is electrically isolated from the amplifier, allowing direct attachment to the heat sink without insulators. The MSK4204RH is available fully screened to MIL-PRF-38534, Class K or Class H.

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