NEMA C-Face Mount Friction Torque Limiters

Product Announcement from Mach III Clutch, Inc.

NEMA C-Face Mount Friction Torque Limiters-Image

Design Features

  • Mounts between motor and gear reducer
  • Pre-set to torque value you specify
  • Enclosed design in aluminum housing
  • Optional corrosion resistant and food safe finishes available
  • Not suitable for belt drive (pulley output) applications

Mach III announces the addition of a new product to its line of torque limiters. The NEMA C-Face Friction Torque Limiter provides overload protection in four sizes for 56C to 213TC NEMA motor frames.

The NEMA C-Face Friction Torque Limiters are spring applied friction torque limiters that feature a keyed input bore and output shaft. The units can be simply and quickly mounted between a standard motor and gearbox. Multiple facings are spring engaged to drive the output shaft until the pre-set torque range is exceeded. The torque limiter will then slip under the load until the jam is cleared or a manual or sensor-triggered shutdown occurs.

The torque limiter is completely enclosed within an aluminum housing that is both compact and functional. Corrosion resistant and food safe finish alternatives are available. The product is factory set to the torque range specified by the customer and in-field adjustments can be made, if necessary.

The NEMA C-Face Friction Torque Limiter can be utilized in a variety of machinery and applications including motor to gearbox connection, overload protection, packaging machinery, material handling equipment, food processing machinery and automation equipment.

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