Indicating Plug Gages 844 D

Product Announcement from Mahr Federal Inc.

Indicating Plug Gages 844 D-Image


  • For the rapid testing of diameter, roundness and conicity of bores.
  • Especially suitable for testing batches with tight tolerances.
  • No rocking in the bore is required to determine the reversal point.
  • Therefore ideal for use in conjunction with a digital indicating instrument and for subsequent processing of measured values.
  • Measuring head has a hardened, hard chromiumplated guide cylinder and carbide-tipped anvils.
  • The carbide expanding pin transfers radial movement to indicating instrument.
  • Constant measuring force as a result of built-in spring, thus eliminating user influence.
  • Measuring head, holder, depth extension, right angle attachments and depth stops are part of an extensive modular system.

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