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ATOM swing beam clicker presses are among the most widely used die cutting machines in the world. ATOM has over 65 years of experience manufacturing clickers, and with over 250,000 units sold, is considered the worlds leading producer of hydraulic die cutting equipment. Commonly used for cutting soft to semi-rigid materials such as gaskets, foams, leather, rubber, textiles and similar products they are also widely used in laboratories and testing facilities throughout the world.

The constant attention to customer's feedback has allowed them to produce a product able to satisfy the needs of reliability, productivity and energy savings. The hydraulic system, designed and patented by ATOM, enables their machines to generate a cutting power up to 25 tons using just a 1 HP motor, thus electric power absorption is very limited. The strong durable casting gives maximum beam strength & performance which ensures quiet yet powerful operations. All of the moving parts are self lubricating and the hardened steel construction insures optimal performance.

When evaluating a swing arm cutting press, the main features to consider are: 1) structural features, such as cutting power, the size of the cutting table & of the cutting platen 2) control systems such as power setting, fine adjustment of the stroke end and devices that make the arm easier to move.

ATOM produces three lines of swing beam clicker presses:

SE Series : ATOM SE Series clicker presses are equipped with automatic stroke end setting, designed for different height cutting dies, which does not need adjustment. The two hand control push buttons with 3/10 second maximum delay operation insure operator safety. The SE Series range from 8-20-25 tons of cutting pressure with table sizes up to 20" x 40" and cutting platens up to 24" in width.

Multi-Force Series : The ATOM Multiforce Swingbeam Clicker Press line, when compared with other swing-arm lines, is equipped with a device for the automatic setting of the cutting power "multiforce" and the low friction arm movement "lightswing". The multiforce device elminates the need to set the cutting power; by negating this operation, the operator can concentrate on the best position of the cutting die on the material thus increasing material yield & production. In addition, the precise control over the penetration of the die in the cutting pad we can reduce the overall wear up to 50%. The lightswing system dramatically reduces the effort needed to move the beam, significantly reducing operator fatique. Cutting powers range from 20-25 tons, bed sizes up to 20" x 48" and cutting platens up to 24" wide.

SAB Series : The SAB series clicker press is the ideal solution for optimal production. The head automatically moves with the push of a button. Place your cutting die down on the material, activate the switch, the head moves, cuts, and the automatically moves out of the way so the operator can pick the cut part. Place the die in the next position and the head will automatically seek the cutting die and make the next cut.

When you purchase an ATOM swingbeam clicker press from Manufacturers Supplies Company you can expect the same level of quality, performance, ease of use, technical assistance & safety that ATOM ensures to their customers worldwide.

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