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Sterilants Work On All Forms of Microbial Life -Image

Both Minncare Cold Sterilant and Actril Cold Sterilant were launched about 20 years ago. Over the past 10 years, these products have been marketed for industrial applications, such as surface disinfections and area disinfection.

The effectiveness of these products has been tested against a wide range of standard reference microorganisms according to international testing standards. Some of the reference microorganisms tested against are B. subtilis (bacterial spore) and Polio virus, which is one of the more difficult viruses to deactivate.

Both Minncare Cold Sterilant and Actril Cold Sterilant are registered as sterilants. The US Pharmacopoeia (USP, Second Supplement, General

Information, 1072 Disinfectants & Antiseptics, p. 3792) defines a sterilant as: An agent that destroys all form of microbial life including fungi and virus and all forms of bacteria and their spores. Sterilants are liquid or vapor phase agents.

For more information, please see our Technical Bulletin, or contact Mar Cor Purification.

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