Hazardous Area Use Pressure Calibrator

Product Announcement from Martel Electronics Corporation

Hazardous Area Use Pressure Calibrator-Image

Intrinsically safe temperature pressure calibrator for hazardous area use. Single or dual sensor, triple display precision temperature pressure calibrator. A new standard for custody transfer calibration applications in classified hazardous areas.

Intrinsically Safe Temperature Pressure Calibrator Features

· IECEx and ATEX approvals included

· One or two isolated pressure sensors with 0.025% F.S. accuracy on most ranges

· Temperature-compensation ensures accuracy in field applications

· 24 available pressure ranges with 16 user selected engineering units plus 2 optional custom units

· Pt100 RTD input for 0.1°C temperature measurement

· Measure 4-20 mA

· ClearBrite ™ graphic style LCD display with backlight

· Switch test on any pressure range

· Operating mode layers support simple measurements to complex applications

· Up to five frequently used setups to be stored; last setup automatically recalled on power-up

· % Error and damping functions

· Martel 3 key menu system

· Gas flow/custody transfer kit available

· NIST Certificate with calibration data included