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Now qualified to meet NASA low outgassing specifications, Master Bond EP65HT-1 is a two component epoxy adhesive that features a unique combination of ultra fast cures and high temperature resistance. With superior electrical insulating properties and strong chemical resistance, it bonds well to a wide variety of substrates including metals, glass, ceramics, woods, vulcanized rubbers and many plastics. It is widely used in both manufacturing and prototyping in the electrical, electronic, appliance, computer, optical, automotive and OEM industries.

EP65HT-1 normally sets up in 3 to 5 minutes with 40% maximum strength developed. After 2 to 3 hours, 70% maximum strength is developed. Other product properties include a Tg of over 125ºC, bond shear strength exceeding 2500 psi, tensile strength greater than 7500 psi, and a Shore D Hardness of over 75. The volume resistivity is 1014 ohm-cm and the service temperature range is -60ºF to +400ºF.

There is a 10 to 1 mixing ratio by weight for parts A to B. Available in double barrel syringes with a gun dispenser for easy application, Parts A and B are also offered in half pint, pint, quart, one gallon and five gallon containers.

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