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Master Bond has introduced a highly conductive epoxy adhesive which meets USP Class VI specifications for medical applications. The high performance, two component epoxy EP21TDCS Medical, is silver filled to achieve an exceptionally low volume resistivity. Yet, adhesive properties, including high peel strength and superior epoxy toughness, have not been compromised.

EP21TDCS Medical is a silver filled, electrically conductive epoxy adhesive that is FDA approved as a medical device adhesive. The conductive adhesive has been specially formulated to make it easy to use and mix. It cures at room temperature or more rapidly at elevated temperatures. And, unlike the majority of two part silver conductive epoxy resin systems, EP21TDCS Medical has a one-to-one mix ratio. Unique for a highly conductive epoxy, it readily develops a bonding strength of more than 1800 psi in tensile shear and adhesive peel strength T-peel of greater than 20 pli. The volume resistivity of the cured system can be as low as 3 ohm-cm.

The high bonding strength epoxy is remarkably adaptable to thermal cycling over the exceptionally wide temperature range of 4K to +275°F, enabling it to be serviceable even in cryogenic applications. Master Bond EP21TDCS Medical is widely used in medical applications where biocompatibility issues are of paramount importance, e.g. implants and where FDA USP Class VI approved adhesives and sealants are required. For convenient handling, EP21TDCS Medical is also available in premixed and frozen syringes.

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