Product Announcement from Master Bond, Inc.

Outstanding Adhesion to Rubbers, Metals, Plastics-Image

Formulated to cure at ambient temperatures or more quickly at elevated temperatures with an easy to use one-to-four mix ratio by weight, the cured system has excellent electrical insulation properties along with superior chemical resistance to oils and water. It has an operating temperature range of -100°F to +250°F, with superb low temperature serviceability. EP21TDC-4 will even cure in an underwater environment! It is widely used in OEM, electrical, electronic, repair and maintenance type applications.

EP21TDC-4 is 100% reactive and contains no solvents, diluents or volatiles. It bonds to many untreated substrates including neoprene, nitrile, SBR and EPDM rubber, thereby reducing handling and processing costs and eliminating hazardous and corrosive chemicals. EP21TDC-4 is also available in a non-drip version, called EP21TDC-4ND.


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