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Snap Cure Epoxy Is Chemically Resistant-Image

It is resistant to a wide range of chemicals including water, oil and most organic solvents. Other typical features include a Shore D hardness that exceeds 85 and a tensile lap shear of 2100 psi.

Master Bond's EP17HT-3 adhesive has superior temperature resistance with a service operating temperature range of -60ºF to +400ºF. It is 100% reactive and contains no solvents or diluents. It is also available in a paste version called EP17HT-3ND and a slightly toughened variant called Supreme 17HT-3 which is ideal for bonding dissimilar substrates and applications subject to thermal cycling. Each product comes in half pints, pints, quarts, gallons and 5 gallon container sizes.

Master Bond's EP17HT-3 one part snap curing epoxy features high temperature resistance and has outstanding electrical properties and chemical resistance. Read more about Master Bond's one part epoxy formulations at, or contact Master Bond's Technical Support Team by phone at +1-201-343-8983, by fax at +1-201-343-2132 or by e-mail at

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