Product Announcement from Master Bond, Inc.

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Master Bond Polymer System EP31 is a two component room temperature curing epoxy for high performance structural bonding applications featuring lap shear strengths exceeding 4600 psi. Unlike many structural epoxies, EP31 also has a high peel strength exceeding 40 pli. The service temperature range of EP31 is -60 to +250°F. It combines low shrinkage upon cure along with excellent resistance to many chemicals, including water, oils and fuels. EP31 has good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including many metals, plastics, rubbers, ceramics and glass. The optically clear EP31 is also available in a full range of colors. The cured adhesive is a superb electrical insulator.

The EP31 system is also available in a non-drip version called EP31ND.

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