Neodymium Lifting Magnet

Product Announcement from Master Magnetics, Inc.

Neodymium Lifting Magnet-Image

Neodymium Lifting Magnets are ideal for handling steel plate, forgings, die castings and similar items in machine shops, warehouses and industrial processing plants. Lifting magnets eliminate the need for slings or clamping devices and allow one person to do the work of two or more.

Four models are available in strengths of 220 lbs., 660 lbs., 1,300 lbs. and 2,200 lbs. of flat piece lifting capacity. For safety, the actual breakaway force is 3 times greater than the maximum lift rating.

These compact and impressively strong magnets from Master Magnetics are industrial workhorses that are:

-    Designed to lift either flat and round ferrous metal

-    Quick and easy to use with an On/Off release lever and safety lock to engage and disengage material. No electricity required.

-    Ideal for safe and efficient transporting, loading and unloading of heavy ferrous material.

-    Compact and efficient with small footprints ranging from 3” x 5” to 6” x 13”.

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