FiberShield Manhole Security Device

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No scrap value

The FiberShield manhole security system will prevent theft of your manhole covers by thieves wishing to sell covers as scrap metal. Manhole cover theft is a frequent and common problem with ordinary manhole covers for this reason. The FiberShield manhole security system will keep your roads safe by making sure no manhole opening is uncovered or disturbed. You can prevent accidents or potential lawsuits while enjoying the comfort of knowing that your manhole is secure and locked.

Prevents unauthorized access

Because a registered key is required to remove the FiberShield manhole security device, you can now allow access to your secure manholes to only authorized personnel. This will protect your communication vaults, fiber optic cables, distribution valves, grease traps, sewer systems, storm drains and virtually any manhole for which security is a concern. Easily secure your manholes from terrorists, thieves, saboteurs, vandals with one product- the FiberShield manhole security system.

H2O & EN124 Traffic rated

The FiberShield manhole security system is traffic rated to handle any common traffic load or condition. Our FiberShield manhole security system meets or exceeds H-20 and AASHTO HS-25 load ratings as well as the European EN-124 load ratings with equal or better performance than your old cast iron cover.

Durable fiber reinforced polymer material

The FiberShield manhole security system utilizes a combination of special materials and composites that provide a level of strength and longevity never before available to this industry. This manhole security system simply will not break into pieces like the ancient cast iron manhole covers. Our engineered product has brought manhole security products to a new level.

Lightweight, easy to handle and transport

Weighing 80 percent less than cast iron, you can easily lift the FiberShield manhole security system with just one hand. Not only does the FiberShield manhole security system provide security for your manholes, but it also provides tremendous ergonomic benefits. . Lifting and removing a cast iron cover is an awkward, hazardous, operation that causes millions of dollars a year in lost hours and injury claims. The FiberShield manhole security system is much more than just an innovative manhole security system; it's a time and money saver too by eliminating the injuries caused by lifting heavy covers.

No expensive lifting equipment needed

Because of its light weight, The FiberShield manhole security system eliminates the need for expensive, cumbersome lifting equipment for old cast iron covers.

Requires registered T-Key to unlock

Using the McGard Multi-Purpose Tool with your registered key, you can install or remove the FiberShield manhole security system into your existing manhole ring in seconds without ever having to bend over, strain or get on your hands and knees.

Various size/color options
Let us help you get started. We will be happy to assist you in determining the proper sizes needed to upgrade your system. We can also make custom sizes, add your company logo.

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