Articulating Video Borescope

Product Announcement from Medit

Articulating Video Borescope-Image

Medit's Quasar Videoscopes feature a CMOS Image Sensor located directly in the tip of the insertion probe, which provides the user with an excellent color image of the inspection area. These compact and portable videoscopes also features 2-way tip articulation controlled though a dial on the monitor, which has a 4.3" screen to display the live image of the inspection area and capture images and video of your inspections.

The Quasar Videoscopes are available in either 4.3mm (0.17"), or 6mm (0.24") diameters, and feature CMOS image sensors located directly in the tip of the insertion probe. These CMOS chips generate 100,000-400,000 pixels (in 720x480 resolution), with a focal range from 10 -100mm. In addition to the narrow diameter probes, the Quasar Videoscopes also feature 2-way tip articulation (1200/900 in each direction), a portable 4.3" TFT LCD monitor, built in LED lights to illuminate the inspection area (with intensity control on the monitor), an SD memory card to capture images and video of your inspections, video output to a TV monitor or USB capture box, and a rechargeable Li-polymer battery for portable use. Articulation is controlled manually through a dial on the monitor, ensuring that the tip can be quickly deflected as desired. To protect the image sensor in the tip from damages these units also feature a stainless steel braided sheath, which is fully water and oil proof to IP64 (up to IP68) standards.

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