"Viper-S" Portable Push Camera with 512Hz sonde

Product Announcement from Medit

"Viper-S" Portable Push Camera with 512Hz sonde-Image

The Newest addition to MEDIT's pipe inspection cameras is the Viper-S system, which is a cost effective portable device.
The main feature of the Viper-S is a 512Hz frequency Sonde located immediately behind the camera head. This makes the tip of the probe traceable with a sonde locator, allowing the operator to determine the exact position of the camera head underground.
The camera head itself contains 12 adjustable white LED lights, to illuminate the inspection area, a flexible spring coiled joint to navigate corners, and a Sapphire lens to resist scratching.
The high resolution CCD chip is integrated into a straight forward view tip.
The monitor and additional controls are built into a waterproof plastic case. The 7" TFT LCD displays a crisp live color image.
Video and images are recorded directly onto an SD memory card, or external hard drive. The video is recorded in professional uncompressed AVI format.
The PVC coated fiberglass cable is waterproof and available only in a 35 meter (114.9 foot) length

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