Megger 5/10/15 kV Insulation Testers

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Megger 5/10/15 kV Insulation Testers Work Wherever You Work

Megger’s range of DC insulation testers MIT515, MIT525, MIT1025 and the NEW MIT1525 are targeted at original equipment manufacturers and industrial companies. The top of the range MIT1525 performs insulation resistance tests up to 15 kV with a 30 TΩ maximum resistance and an accuracy of ±5% to 3 TΩ. The MIT515 offers IR, DAR and PI functions but has no memory functionality. MIT525, MIT1025 and MIT1525 have a full suite of test modes as well as on-board memory and the ability to stream data/download data to a PC/laptop.

• High noise immunity -- 3 ma (5kV & 10kV); 6 mA (15kV)
• Safety rated to 3000 m, CATIV 1000 V (15kV), CATIV 600 V (5kV & 10kV)
• Insulation resistance up to 30 TΩ @ 15 kV, 20 TΩ @ 10 kV, 10 TΩ @ 5 kV
• 5% accuracy all the way up to 1 TΩ at 5 kV, 2 TΩ at 10 kV, and 3 TΩ at 15 kV


The units are designed for testing the insulation of high-voltage electric equipment. Their wide voltage range also allows applications for low-voltage equipment. The test techniques on the instruments provide valuable diagnostic information.

All four instruments test the insulation resistance of:

• High-voltage power cables and high-voltage buses
• Large motor/generator windings
• Line and substation transformers


IEEE Standard 43:2000
With its higher voltage testing capability, the MIT1025 is the perfect everyday work tool for manufacturers, users and maintainers of rotating machinery. Designed in accordance with the requirements of IEEE43:2000, the MIT1025 is ideal for measuring the insulation resistance of armature and field windings in rotating machines rated 1hp (750 W) or greater. The standard applies to synchronous, induction and dc machines as well as synchronous condensers.

In March 2000, the IEEE-SA Standards Board approved a revision of IEEE Std 43-1974 by the Electric Machinery Committee of the IEEE Power Engineering Society. This revision is IEEE Std 43-2000, the “IEEE Recommended Practice for Testing Insulation Resistance of Rotating Machinery.”

15-kV Insulation Testing
A 15 kV insulation test is recommended for higher voltage electrical equipment. The Pearl Reconditioning Standard / NETA MTS-1997 defines both the minimum dc test voltage and minimum recommended insulation resistance based on the maximum voltage rating of the equipment being tested. For equipment rated from 35 kV to 69 kV, 15 kV dc test voltage should be used. The minimum recommended insulation resistance is 100 GΩ.

NETA ATS 2007 Section 7.15.1 defines test voltage and minimum insulation resistance for ac induction motors and generators. If the voltage rating of motor’s winding is 34.5 kV, a 15 kV dc test voltage should be used. Again, the minimum recommended insulation resistance is 100 GΩ.
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