Agilent 7000B Series Oscilloscopes!

Product Announcement from Microlease Inc.

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Agilent InfiniiVision 7000B Series Oscilloscopes

Engineered for the best signal visibility

Agilent engineers developed the InfiniiVision 7000B Series with advanced technology that will allow you to see more subtle signal detail and more infrequent events than any other scope on the market. See the InfiniiVision 7000B Series oscilloscope - the industry's best for signal viewing.

Key Features and Specifications

  • 100MHz, 350 MHz, 500 MHz, 1 GHz bandwidth
  • 2 or 4 analog + 16 digital on MSOs
  • 8Mpts standard memory
  • Up to 100,000 waveforms per second update rate
  • USB, LAN, XGA-out
  • 12.1 inch XGA LCD
  • Industry's only hardware-accelerated serial bus decode

Biggest display

Oscilloscopes are visual tools and large, high-resolution screens make the product better. Bigger displays have become increasingly important as general purpose scopes need more space to display digital and serial signals in addition to traditional scope channels. The increased display size helps you easily view up to 20 channels simultaneously with serial protocol. At 12.1 inches the display is nearly 40% bigger than any competitive model.

Fastest architecture

See a display more representative of the actual signals under test than with any other scope. The InfiniiVision 7000B Series shows jitter, infrequent events, and subtle signal detail that other scopes miss. Turn knobs and the instrument responds instantly and effortlessly. Need to also view digital channels? The instrument stays responsive. Decoding serial packets? Offering the industry's only hardware-accelerated serial bus decode, Agilent's InfiniiVision series delivers serial debug without compromising analog measurements.

InfiniiVision scopes incorporate acquisition memory, waveform processing, and display memory in an advanced .13m ASIC. This patented 3rd generation technology, known as MegaZoom III, delivers up to 100,000 waveforms (acquisitions) per second with responsive deep memory always available.

Insightful applications

Customize your general purpose scope. A wide range of application packages provide meaningful insight into your application-specific problems.

  • Serial with hardware-accelerated decode
  • Segmented memory
  • Vector signal analysis
  • I2C, SPI
  • RS-232/UART
  • DSO/MSO offline analysis
  • Core-assisted FPGA debug
  • FlexRay
  • Power measurement
  • Secure environment

Product Specifications

Model # Bandwidth Sample Rate Memory Channels Update Rate

DSO7012B 100 MHz 2 GSa/s 8 Mpts 2 ch Up to 100,000 deep-memory waveforms per second, even with deep memory, digital channels and serial decode turned on

DSO7014B 100 MHz 2 GSa/s 8 Mpts 4 ch

MSO7012B 100 MHz 2 GSa/s 8 Mpts 2+16 ch

MSO7014B 100 MHz 2 GSa/s 8 Mpts 4+16 ch

DSO7032B 350 MHz 2 GSa/s 8 Mpts 2 ch

DSO7034B 350 MHz 2 GSa/s 8 Mpts 4 ch

MSO7032B 350 MHz 2 GSa/s 8 Mpts 2+16 ch

MSO7034B 350 MHz 2 GSa/s 8 Mpts 4+16 ch

DSO7052B 500 MHz 4 GSa/s 8 Mpts 2 ch

DSO7054B 500 MHz 4 GSa/s 8 Mpts 4 ch

MSO7052B 500 MHz 4 GSa/s 8 Mpts 2+16 ch

MSO7054B 500 MHz 4 GSa/s 8 Mpts 4+16 ch

DSO7104B 1 GHz 4 GSa/s 8 Mpts 4 ch

MSO7104B 1 GHz 4 GSa/s 8 Mpts 4+16 ch