FREE Agilent 34832A BenchLink Data LoggerPro

Product Announcement from Microlease Inc.

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Buy an Agilent 34980A Switch/Measure system and receive the BenchLink Data Logger Pro software at no cost when you register your purchase. The 34980A Switch/Measurement system provides switching up to 26.5 GHz and includes basic DMM measurements and system control. It also offers counter/ totalizer functionality, digital I/O with pattern capabilities, and analog outputs with basic waveforms— all in one low-cost, compact box. The 34980As standard connectors, software drivers, computer-standard I/O, and Web browser interface allows it to easily integrate into electronic functional test and data acquisition systems.

Additional 34980A features with BenchLink Data Logger Pro

  • Quick test setup and execution of multiple scan lists
  • Use advanced math formulas
  • Collect, monitor and manage data
  • Present data on a single or multiple graphs
  • Export data to other application for presentation and analysis

Here are 2 simple steps to get your free Agilent 34832A Benchlink Data LoggerPro:

STEP 1: Select & purchase an Agilent 34980A Switch/Measure System from MetricTest
STEP 2: After you receive your unit, register online for the Free 34832A

*Must have serial number of purchased 34980A to register

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Program Details

  • Offer good May 1, 2012 through September 30, 2012