World's First Scope w/Built-in Spectrum Analyzer!

Product Announcement from Microlease Inc.

World's First Scope w/Built-in Spectrum Analyzer!-Image

Just released! Tektronix MDO4000 Series Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes

The World's Only Oscilloscope with a Built-in Spectrum Analyzer

For the first time ever, you can capture time-correlated analog, digital, and RF signals for a complete system view of your device. See both the time and frequency domain in a single glance. View the RF spectrum at any point in time to see how it changes over time or with device state. Solve the most complicated design issues, quickly and efficiently, with an oscilloscope as integrated as your design.

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Based on the industry-standard MSO4000B Oscilloscope Series, you can now use your tool of choice, the oscilloscope, to look at the frequency domain rather than having to find and re-learn a spectrum analyzer. However, the power of the MDO goes well beyond simply observing the frequency domain as you would on a spectrum analyzer. The real power is in its ability to correlate events in the frequency domain with the time domain phenomena that caused them.

When both the RF channel and any analog or digital channels are on, the oscilloscope display is split into two views. The upper half of the display is a traditional oscilloscope view of the Time Domain. The lower half of the display is a Frequency Domain view of the RF input. Note that the Frequency Domain view is not simply an FFT of the analog or digital channels in the instrument, but is the spectrum acquired from the RF input. The spectrum shown in the Frequency Domain view is taken from the period of time indicated by the short orange bar in the time domain view - known as the Spectrum Time. With the MDO4000 Series, Spectrum Time can be moved through the acquisition to investigate how the RF spectrum changes over time. And this can be done while the oscilloscope is live and running or on a stopped acquisition.

Key Performance Specifications

  • 4 Analog Channels
    500 MHz or 1 GHz Bandwidth Models
  • 16 Digital Channels
    MagniVu™ High-speed Acquisition provides 60.6 ps Fine Timing
  • 1 RF Channel
    50 kHz - 3 GHz or 50 kHz - 6 GHz Frequency Range Models
    Ultra-wide Capture Bandwidth ≥1 GHz
  • Standard Passive Voltage Probes 3.9 pF Capacitive Loading and
    500 MHz or 1 GHz Analog Bandwidth

Mixed Domain Analysis

  • Time-correlated Analog, Digital, and RF Signal Acquisitions in a Single
  • Wave Inspector® Controls provide Easy Navigation of Time-correlated
    Data from both the Time and Frequency Domains
  • 1 RF Channel
    Amplitude, Frequency, and Phase vs. Time Waveforms derived from
    RF Input
  • Selectable Spectrum Time to Discover and Analyze how RF Spectrum
    Changes over Time - Even on a Stopped Acquisition