Intelligent Safety Valve Controller

Product Announcement from Metso

Neles ValvGuard™ VG9000- Improved safety cost efficiently


Neles ValvGuard VG9000 is a new generation safety valve controller and partial stroke testing device for both emergency shutdown (ESD) and emergency venting (ESV) valves. With VG9000, plant safety can be increased due to extensive safety valve testing capabilities and improved diagnostics data.

Neles VG9000 features automatic Partial Stroke Test (PST), emergency trip test and internal pneumatics test. The safety valve condition can be constantly monitored with the diagnostics data gained from the performed tests. Extra instrumentation and parallel limit switch mounting are unnecessary, because Neles VG9000 has market leading pneumatics capacity and optional internal limit switches. VG9000 is available for FOUNDATION fieldbus and HART communication.
In addition to improved safety, VG9000 provides real-time alarm management without extra costs.

The availability of safety valves is maximized when emergency valve-related on-line diagnostics are integrated into device functionality. In addition FOUNDATION-based emergency valve controllers give faster response times for status information and easier integration of higher tier diagnostic information into the host system. At the same time device usage is more convenient for the end-user.

User benefits



  • Reliable and robust design
  • Market leading pneumatics capacity
  • Local / remote operation
  • Optional internal limit switches
  • Extensive safety valve testing capabilities