QUARTZ® - Explosion/Flame Proof

Product Announcement from Metso

The QUARTZ series offers one of the most versatile platforms for adapting to a variety of valve systems. Stainless steel mounting systems are readily available to attach the QUARTZ to quarter-turn actuators, manual operators, linear operators and positioners.

A wide variety of switch/sensor, communications and position transmitters may be selected for the QUARTZ series. Options include 2, 4 or 6 mechanical or proximity switches, position transmitters with or without switches and the STONEL Dual Module with double SST or double Namur sensors or AS-i, DeviceNet™ or Foundation™ Fieldbus communication capabilities.

The STONEL QUARTZ series is the most durable, versatile, valve communication platform in the industry!

Save Space with Low Profile Design
Clearance above the actuator is critical in complex piping systems. QUARTZ boldly displays valve position and encloses all electrical components in an explosion-proof/flame-proof compartment.

Cut Installation time and Cost with Light Read
Metso's STONEL brand coordinated visual indicator and LEDs give you an extra measure of safety and increased convenience during plant start-up and operation. Green visual indication and green LED means the valve is open and the computer circuit is properly operating. Red visual indication and red LED means the valve is closed and the computer is properly matched. All systems are functioning properly.