ILR Series Time of Flight Distance Sensors

Product Announcement from Micro-Epsilon

ILR Series Time of Flight Distance Sensors-Image

MICRO-EPSILON  offers state of the art time of flight sensors for measuring distances from 0.4m up to 3000m. The ILR series  offers low cost units, economic models and high-end, cutting edge technology for the most challenging and accurate measurements.

These optical devices provide a fast, accurate and true non contact measurement against any target.

The ILR 1191 is the flagship of the non contact distance sensors. With it`s time of flight phase shift technology it reaches < 0.1mm resolution at distances up to 3000m!

  • Sensing range: 300 .. 3000m
  • Resolution: 0.1mm
  • High speed 2000 Hz
  • Additional intensity, temperature and velocity signal
  • analog & digital interface
  • operating temperature -40C .. 60C with IP67
  • MICRO-EPSILON offers twelve more models suited for different needs in various applications.

The ILR10xx series represents the low cost option for the time of flight technology.

The ILR110x/115x offer the most compact housing with maximum flexibility and features, it even has a display with touch keys

The ILR118x is the trimmed for maximum accuracy.

All these units are easy to set up and offer the only valid solution for a true optical non contact displacement measurement for large distances.

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