NEW: Magneto Inductive Sensor MDS

Product Announcement from Micro-Epsilon

NEW: Magneto Inductive Sensor MDS-Image

For new mainSENSOR a completely new measurement technology has been incorporated in this product group by MICRO EPSILON. These magnetic field sensors offer a very flexibly design. The standard industrial version, the MDS-45 M30, has a 45mm measuring range and comes in a cylindrical M30 stainless steel housing; a even more compact slim M18 stainless steel model the MDS-45-M18-SA is also available. The range varies between 20 mm and 55 mm, depending on the size of the magnet. The newest memeber of the family is the MDS-45-M12-CA which provides the same acurate measurement performance in a M12 compact housing.

The  MDS-40 MK is for medium-to-high volume applications and comes in a miniature four-sided plastic housing. The sensor also provides a measuring range of 40mm. Benefits of these sensors are their ultra compact design relative to their measuring range and the extremely attractive price-performance ratio. Currently, a maximum range of 60mm measuring range is achievable using the mainSENSOR.

Extremely fast and high resolution measurements can be achieved using the mainSENSOR. These sensors have extremely high resolution and temperature stability. A small permanent magnet on the measurement object is used as the target. The signal output provides 4-20mA or 2-10V DC.

These sensors are hermetically sealed and with an IP rating of IP67 ideal for harsh environments. The robust stainless steel housing allows front pressure up to 400 bar.

Unlike the widely used Hall Effect principle, the MDS sensor is based on a measuring method patented by Micro-Epsilon. Customer requirements for OEM design can be accommodated very easily. The sensor is very flexible and can be adapted according to the application and for high volume production.


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