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Micro-Epsilon has developed a completely new manufacturing technology for eddy current sensors. Using "Embedded Coil Technology" (ECT), the sensor is embedded in an inorganic substrate material, which provides excellent temperature and form stability. Conventionally wire wound sensor coils are replaced by ECT sensors;

  • Maximum Integration Flexibility:

Due to the miniature design of the sensor and its integration in an inorganic substrate, there is virtually unlimited freedom in terms of the design and shape of the sensor. ECT sensors can easily be customized to fit a specific installation or integration requirement. Even the signal conditioning electronics can be integrated in the sensor design or placed remotely in a separate conditioning box.

  • Unmatched Stability:

With the ECT technology these new eddy current sensors provide unmatched long term and temperature stability. Their rigged form consistency guarantees an extreme repeatable and stable sensor signal over a long time period and across a wide temperature range.

  • Extreme Environment:

Another significant benefit of the ECT technology is the robustness and the reliable measurement under the harshest environment conditions. ECT sensors can measure in temperatures up to 350°C or down to the cryogenic levels. They operate in applications where they are exposed to mechanical stress, shock and vibration as well as in strong electromagnetic fields. Due to a hermetically sealed design, these sensors can also be used in ultra high vacuum (no outgassing).

This new sensor technology has already proven itself in many challenging applications. Due to their high temperature stability, ECT sensors are used for the alignment of mirror segments in the latest giant reflector telescopes. When measuring the grinding gap of refiners in paper industry the stress resilient ECT sensors measure reliable under the harshest environment conditions. In the semiconductor industry the sensors are perfectly suited since they are not outgassing in Ultra High Vacuum and immune to strong electromagnetic fields. Each sensor can be tailored and customized and therefore easily integrated for a specific application.

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