Nanometer Resolution Precision Capacitive Sensor

Product Announcement from MicroSense, LLC

Nanometer Resolution Precision Capacitive Sensor-Image

The MicroSense Model 6810 is a high resolution capacitive position sensor. The 6810, in combination with 6000 series probes, is a non-contact displacement measurement system intended to provide exceptionally high resolution, low noise measurements. The 6810 offers customers state-of-the-art performance for high dynamic measurements such as motor and spindle run out - nanometer level resolution is possible at measurement bandwidths up to 100kHz! No other capacitance gauge approaches this level of performance.

  • Designed for measuring "high dynamic" targets that change position, rotate or vibrate at very high speeds, including poorly grounded targets.
  • Ideal for spindle error analysis of machine tool spindles, air bearing spindles and HDD spindle motors.
  • User selectable measurement bandwidths up to 100 kHz for ultra-fast output response.
  • Non-contact design for virtually unlimited service life.
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