Particle Insight Size and Shape Analyzer

Product Announcement from Micromeritics

Particle Insight Size and Shape Analyzer-Image

Micromeritics' first product addition under its Particulate Systems brand is the new Particle Insight size and shape analyzer. The Particle Insight is a state-of-the art dynamic image analyzer that is ideal for applications where the shape of raw materials, not just the diameter, is critical to the performance of the final product. The Particle Insight offers up to 28 different shape parameters analyzed in real-time in either aqueous or organic solvent suspensions. The system operates in a range suitable for a wide variety of industrial, biological, and geological specimens from 3 µm up to 300 µm in its standard configuration. Its unique recirculating sample module and precision optics are designed to acquire and report statistically valid measurements quickly, an essential quality control capability in many manufacturing processes. The Particle Insight also has an automated fill and rinse feature allowing for true walk-away operation. In addition, the Particle Insight fulfills the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.

Particle Insight features include the ability to track sample shape changes over time as well as the capability to store a collection of particle images. The user also has the option of viewing only those particle images that meet any combination of the analyzer's 28 shape parameters.

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