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Specialized Textiles for the Aerospace Industry

Product Announcement from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

Specialized Textiles for the Aerospace Industry -Image

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. specializes in coating fabrics and textiles of varying substrates with distinct polymer coating compounds, to create products designed for use as thermal insulation, sealing components, environmental protection products and high temperature resistant products. Textiles such as fiberglass, silica, Kevlar®, Nomex®, and others are impregnated with coatings including:

Silicone Rubber

The ARMATEX® S Series is a complete line of silicone rubber coated fabrics made from fiberglass, Kevlar®, silica, and other substrates. Manufactured to the rigid requirements of insulating pad manufacturers and mechanical contractors, these coated fabrics also meet military, nuclear and aerospace specifications.

Available in a variety of styles and colors, coated fabrics and textiles in the ARMATEX® S Series are well suited for removable insulation pads, weld splatter protection of equipment and personnel, heat shields and splash curtains. The heavier products are excellent in high abuse applications where extra insulating value is required.

ARMATEX® SF 7/SF 10 Product Data

ARMATEX® SF 17 Premium Product Data

ARMATEX®SF 17 Industrial Product Data

ARMATEX® SF 18/SF 22 Product Data

ARMATEX® SF 32 Product Data

ARMATEX® SF 37 Product Data

ARMATEX® SF 45/SF 60/SF 90 Product Data

ARMATEX® SRS 28 Product Data
ARMATEX® SRS 40 Product Data

Refractory Coating


Our proprietary ARMATEX® Q Series of Refractory Coated Fabrics and Tapes are key in the performance success of many of our products used in demanding thermal, chemical or high temperature applications. This refractory compound, which is impregnated into traditional textiles, is highly resistant to a variety of chemicals, has low porosity, and enhances strength, as well as temperature and abrasion resistance. These factors combined enable ARMATEX® Q Refractory Coated Fabrics and Tapes to survive in some of the most severe conditions.

Developed over 35 years ago to replace asbestos bearing products being used for thermal barrier applications, ARMATEX® Q Refractory Coated Fabrics and Tapes have found their way into numerous other applications and industries where most other traditional fabrics being used fail prematurely.


Our ARMATEX® T Series of PTFE Coated Fabrics is a complete line of PTFE (fluropolymers) coated fiberglass fabrics, tapes, and ropes available in a variety of weights and dimensions. The PTFE coating offers excellent resistance to thermal degradation, chemical and petrochemical attack, while maintaining high flex strength.

ARMATEX® TF 14/TF 17 Product Data


Our line of ARMATEX® G Series Graphite Coated Fabrics is comprised of high temperature fabrics coated with a specially formulated graphite-based refractory compound. This graphite-based compound, in combination with the fabric, creates a product that has enhanced resistance to chemical attack, direct flame impingement, and molten metal splash, making it a superior product for maximum protection.


Our line of ARMATEX® U Series Polyurethane Coated Fabrics is comprised of various fabric substrates coated with polyurethane to produce a highly abrasive and impact resistant fabric. Excellent for use as welding fabrics, ARMATEX® U Series Coated Fabrics are also extremely resistant to fuels, are highly flexible, and have a low coefficient of friction.

For use as fire and heat resistant insulation, pad and lagging material, welding safety protection, or maintenance applications, ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics and Textiles will surpass your performance expectations. If we do not have a standard coating suitable to your application, custom coatings can also be developed.

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of engineered thermal insulation barriers and seals that provide environmental protection, emissions control, and energy conservation. Our expertise in diverse material technologies and specialized engineering capabilities enables the design and manufacture of innovative thermal insulation materials that include:

Since 1976, Mid-Mountain has been engineering leading edge solutions for environmental protection and thermal barrier applications with products that are designed to withstand temperatures from 400ºF/230ºC to over 3000ºF/1630ºC. In addition to thermal insulation materials, we devise custom solutions for conditions that require the utmost in chemical and abrasion resistance, including:

Heat resistant fabrics / textiles

Flame resistant fabrics / textiles

Chemical resistant fabrics / textiles

Abrasion resistant fabrics / textiles

Servicing the global market in industries such as aluminum, aerospace, appliance, hearth products, primary metals, petro-chemical, marine, solar, and many more, Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. is committed to being the leading, diversified manufacturer of high quality industrial textile products.

We at Mid-Mountain welcome the opportunity to work with your company, to find better ways to protect your people, your equipment, and our environment. In partnership we can engineer unique, cost effective solutions to your thermal application requirements.

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.
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