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Digital Modbus Gas Detection Transmitter Network-Image

The new digital Modbus RTU gas detection smarter transmitter network - TA-2048MB - features a digital Modbus 19" rack mount 48-channel control system consisting of each of (3) separate networks with up to 16 gas detectors, up to 16 relay modules and up to 16 alarm zones. This multi-drop smarter transmitter (sensor) network uses a RS-485 digital Modbus RTU cable that eliminates separate (costly) wiring to each transmitter. Four relays (SPDT), 10 am., common to all channels on each network are available by selecting energized/non-energized, latching/non-latching function; low, mid, high and fault relays, LED alarm indicators and an audible buzzer alarm. The control system has a backlit 16 characters x 2 lines LCD display, and it auto-scrolls to provide channel data and fault conditions. The set up is easy - featuring a simple front panel, push button channel setup, redundant storage of configurations parameters for the highest reliability, and continuous diagnostics. This gas detection system can be used with any Mil-Ram Model TA-2100MB smarter transmitter; Toxic/LEL/VOC/Oxygen for the detection of hundreds of different gases and vapors. The system comes in rack mount and wall mount enclosures, with explosion proof enclosure available.

Option: Remote Relay Modules, Modbus enabled, which can be installed at any point on the RS-485 network with up to 16 modules per network and up to 48 different zones. With this gas detection system, you can conveniently install relays at point of use which eliminates long wiring runs between the relays and field installed alarms.

Option: Remote Analog Output Modules, Modbus enabled, which can be installed at any point on the RS-485 network to minimize wiring. This module provides discrete analog 4-20mA outputs (16 bit resolution) per channel. Wireless options are also available and local or remote power supply options available.

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