Product Announcement from Mil-Ram Technology, Inc.

MPT 900R Wireless Receiver-Image

MIL-RAM utilizes 902- 928MHz frequency hopping spread spectrum technology to link any field-installed 4-20mA transmitter with new or existing control systems (controllers, PLC's, etc.) accepting standard 4-20mA inputs. One or more radio transmitters (MPT900T) are installed in the field and each can accommodate up to eight 4-20mA transmitter inputs. Each field radio transmitter (designed for hazardous or ordinary locations) converts the 4-20mA signals (16-bit, high resolution A/D conversion) into wireless data (sensor readings) and sends the data packets to a radio receiver (MPT900R) located at the control system. This receiver converts the wireless data back to discrete 4-20mA analog outputs for direct connection to control system. The MIL-RAM system simply and reliably replaces the wire that traditionally interconnects the 4-20mA transmitter and control system. A MIL-RAM wireless installation provides tremendous cost savings as installation costs associated with hard-wired systems can greatly exceed the cost of the equipment. The MIL-RAM Multi-Process Wireless Telemetry System is practical and cost effective for small systems consisting of only a few monitoring points up to much larger systems utilizing several hundred remote points. Distances between the field installed 4-20mA transmitter and control system can exceed 20 miles line-of-sight. Actual distances depend on antenna selection and specific factors in the environment (buildings, structures, terrain, etc.). Signal repeaters (MPT900RP) are available to extend distances especially in areas where line-of-sight installation is not possible. Additionally, field installed 4-20mA transmitters and radio transmitters can be powered by solar panels in the event local power is not readily available or practical.

The MIL-RAM Wireless Telemetry System is Multi-Process in that any 2-, 3- or 4-wire field installed process transmitter/transducer (temperature, pressure, humidity, flow, pH, conductivity, etc.) that generates a 4-20mA signal can be equipped with a radio transmitter and the data continuously sent to the control system via wireless communications. The radio transmitters/receivers utilize advanced data recognition techniques to ensure data reliability and integrity; corrupt data is automatically rejected. The radio transmitters/receivers have LCD displays for easy configuration which simply involves selection of specific addresses for each field installed 4-20mA transmitter. Addressing provides a unique identity for each 4-20mA transmitter to eliminate cross-talk interference with other devices. The Wireless radio transmitters/receivers are quickly and seamlessly integrated into any new or existing control system to provide continuous and reliable data links between field installed transmitters and the control system.

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