Product Announcement from Mil-Ram Technology, Inc.


The MIL-RAM Sample Draw Gas Detection System can be used for areas that are too hot, too cold or inaccessible. The Sample Drawing Module can be used with any Mil-Ram smarter Transmitter to continuously extract sample from remote locations. The Sample Draw Module can be used with MIL-RAM's RS485/4-20mA Model TA-2100 3 or 4-Wire smarter Transmitter or the Model TA-2102 2-Wire Loop Powered smarter Transmitter. Explosion proof or Nema 4x plastic enclosures available. The smarter Transmitters feature Self-Calibration, Labor-Free auto self-calibration adjusts span monthly based on life curve, Auto Calibration - auto gas calibration in 2 minutes, non-intrusive hands-free, Off-site sensor calibration to replace sensors in the field without recalibration, Remaining sensor life and replace sensor indicator, Loop Test, Peak Value, Diagnostics, Rapid Warm-Up, 12 x 2 LCD display and more. The 3 or 4-Wire smarter Transmitter offers two options - four 12 Amp time delay relays in the same enclosure and RS 485 Modbus RTU interface.

Can be used with MIL-RAM'S Wireless Telemetry System.

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