Mitsui Recycling, Non-Ferrous Metals

Product Announcement from Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co. Ltd.

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Perlite Division

Perlite is a product made from natural rock named pearlstone. The material rock is crushed, heated and expanded to form porous particles, which are useful for many purposes. The material has been used as a fire-resistant and heat-insulating wall material, detergent and oil absorber, soil improvement material for horticulture, and filter medium, and has helped preserve a sound living and natural environment. As a material derived from nature, perlite is an environmentally friendly product.

Environmental Business Division

Mitsui Kinzoku has engaged in recovery of zinc, copper, precious metals and other useful metals from molten fly ash and other industrial waste, as well as from polluted soil. Calling on our extensive network of refineries, Mitsui Kinzoku has built a recycling system designed to achieve zero emissions. We have also offered a comprehensive consultation services for the soil environment through surveys and the development of strategies for polluted soil and groundwater.

Metal Recycling Division

Mitsui Kinzoku recovers and recycles useful metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium from waste electronic instruments and circuit-boards, and also recycles lead from used batteries. The Company has also processed recycled lead and zinc and sold them as synthetic chemical products. All of these initiatives have earned high marks as technologies necessary for a recycling society built on environmental conservation and effective resource use.

Mineral Resources Development Division

Resources development technologies, regarded as the starting point of Mitsui Kinzoku, have produced favorable results in the development of numerous mines over the long history of the Company, both in Japan and overseas. Our Huanzala Mine and Palka Mine in Peru, which produce zinc ore, are among the few examples of overseas mines developed and operated by a Japanese company. Resources development technologies are being applied to resource recycling and other environmental businesses, and their importance has continued to grow as technologies to support the effective use of the planet's resources.

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