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Our goal is to help you learn, no matter what your background or experience level, we will do our best to help you understand the materials, pass the certification exams and progress in your career.

Our courses are taught using state of the art animations and simulators

One of the things that separates the Mobius Institute from other training organizations is our use of state of the art training materials. Rather than passing out poorly xeroxed, outdated, handwritten course materials in three ring binders, the Mobius Institute employs high tech computer simulations to make difficult concepts easy to understand. Our vibrant animations make sometimes boring topics quite interesting. Because you will be engaged by the training materials, you will learn and retain more of the concepts.

Our instructors are respected profesionals with years and years of practical experience

No matter how good the training materials, nothing can replace a good teacher. Our instructors have years of practical field experience. They understand your work environment and can help you become more successful in your career. Our trainers are experts in their fields because they love the subject matter and that makes learning from them interesting. Because you will not be bored, you will learn more.

Our products help you continue learning

Learning doesn't stop just because the course is over and you have received a certification. Learning is an ongoing process that continues throughout your career. The iLearnInteracive series of products are intended as an ongoing reference source to help you continue learning once the course is over. The materials provide unlimited access to simulators, animations and presentations as well as a searchable glossary to help you find the information you need.

Our training meets your needs

The Mobius Institute currently provides training in over 40 countries world wide. If you have a number of people who want to get trained, we can provide private courses anywhere in the world. If you are unable to travel we can provide distance learning alternatives. We have staff members and training partners who are experts in a number of reliability related fields. We can provide customized training on request. Please contact us for more information.

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