tube connector

Product Announcement from Modular Assembly Technology Co., Ltd.

tube connector-Image

We have several tube connectors for customer to choose.

L-Joint Connector Item Number:SPS-JC40-L

T-Joint Connector Item Number:SPS-JC40-T

135 Degree-Joint Connector Item Number:SPS-JC40-A135

45 Degree Y-Joint Connector Item Number:SPS-JC40-A45Y

45 Degree L-Joint Connector Item Number:SPS-JC40-A45L

45 Degree T-Joint Connector Item Number:SPS-JC40-A45T

90 Degree L-Joint Connector Item Number:SPS-JC40-A90L

90 Degree T-Joint Connector Item Number:SPS-JC40-A90T

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