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Moffatt Cool to the Touch, 100 Watt capacity, Task Lights are rugged enough for industrial equipment yet stylish enough for medical applications. Quality workmanship, durable construction and innovative design!

The Moffatt lamps features a bright reflector system that uniformly casts the maximum amount of light where needed most. The lamp is designed to accommodate up to a 100-watt bulb. All Moffatt lamps are equipped with a steel spring coil flex-arms that are vinyl covered. The rugged arms positively hold position and the vinyl covering protects the arm from contaminants that could weaken uncovered arms. The lamp shade design allows for 570 degrees of rotation, 1-½ times around. Unlimited adjustability allows the user to put the light exactly where needed most.

Because of the revolutionary design of the aluminum heat sink system found only in the Moffatt lamp, the shade stays absolutely cool to the touch no matter how long the lamp is in use. This allows the user to take advantage of all the adjustability the lamp offers, without fear of injury. That revolutionary heat sink design also pulls heat away from the recessed switch and socket. Lower heat translates into longer life in spite of the 100-watt capacity. Moffatt also has the ability to custom design our lamps to meet exact Original Equipment Manufacturers specifications.

We offer various flex arm lengths, custom colors, various mounting options, cord type and length options.

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