Protect the output port Isolated Transmitter

Product Announcement from Mornsun Power

Protect the output port Isolated Transmitter -Image

Widely used in at the instruments output of pressure, flow rate, temperature, liquid level, etc.

Can protect the output port and solve the spot interference.

Adopted electromagnetic isolation technology to realize the isolation among input, output and power, with super linearity and low temperature drift, can be used to isolate and convert all kinds of standard analog current DC signal, standard DC voltage signal and mV-level signal in automatic control systems.

  • High accuracy: 0.1%
  • High linearity: 0.1%
  • Low tem drift: 35PPM
  • High isolation : 2500VDC
  • Operate temp range: -25?~71?
  • High reliability: MBTF 500, 000 hours

Application: measure instruments, medical electronic equipment, electric power equipment, etc.

Including: Passive Series,Active Common Series