Tantalum Shielding

Product Announcement from MuShield Company, Inc. (The)

MuShield is proud to announce that the company has ventured into the field of radiation shielding by successfully producing radiation shields out of 99.95% pure tantalum sheets.

  • Tantalum shielding can be found in defense technology, nuclear reactors and components, electronic components and x-ray technology.
  • MuShield has the capability to hydroform, spin, draw, form, weld and anneal Tantalum products.
  • Tantalum is ideal in high temperature applications, as it registers a melting point of 5425°F (2996°C).

MuShield's experience as a leader in custom magnetic shielding has made for an easy transition into the Tantalum shielding market. Contact us today for questions regarding Tantalum shielding at info@mushield.com