TMR Magnetic Angle Sensor DFN8 Breakout PCB

Product Announcement from MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd.

TMR Magnetic Angle Sensor DFN8 Breakout PCB-Image

The MMA253F-BRK breakout board is designed for quick evaluation of the MDT MMA253F TMR magnetic angle sensor, without the need for designing a new PCB and surface mount the LGA8 package.

The MDT MMA253F magnetic angle sensor features dual-axis 360-degree angle measurement with two orthogonal sine/cosine signals with amplitudes reaching 100% of the supply voltage, and low power consumption at 7 μW per-axis. Read more about MMA253F at GlobalSpec.

Features and Benefits

  • Large Signal Output: 1030 mV/V
  • 360-degree angular position measurement
  • Very Low Power Consumption: 3.5 μA at 1V Voltage Supply (per-axis)


  • Rotary Position Sensors and Rotary Encoders
  • BLDC Motor Controllers
  • Contact-less Potentiometers
  • Valve and Knob Position Sensors

Breakout Board Dimensions

  • PCB size: 0.47 x 0.63'' (12 x 16 mm)
  • Lead pitch: 0.1'' (2.54mm)


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