Innovative Welder and Plasma Cutter

Product Announcement from Multiplaz North America

Innovative Welder and Plasma Cutter-Image

The simplicity of using the Multiplaz 3500 lets beginners master the skill of plasma welding, cutting and soldering quickly and easily.

After just a few minutes of working with Multiplaz, experts realize the value and uniqueness of this tool.

The Multiplaz 3500 opperates without a bulky compressor. It is easily transported to do precision work in any location. See Cost Effective

When you use Multiplaz 3500, welding and cutting does not require a dangerous gas bottles, special welding station that is typically necessary with other equipment.

When you use Multiplaz 3500 for arc welding, it does not require the typical three-phase electrical connection other welders need. Residential power outlets (230/115V) are all that is required.