State of the Art Welder-Plasma Cutter

Product Announcement from Multiplaz North America

State of the Art Welder-Plasma Cutter-Image

The pride of our company is the ecological purity of the operational process. This was unachievable in heat treatment before the Multiplaz. The Multiplaz R&D engineers of have reached an ecological breakthrough for welding, cutting and soldering.

The vapor shield that surrounds the plasma jet protects the cut or the welding puddle from the air, meaning hazardous pollutants, including nitrogen oxide, are not an issue. This vapor shield covers the whole domain under the heat treatment and also becomes a barrier for the dangerous dust that can arise from the processing surface of metal.

This Advanced Portable Machine Earned the "Grand Prix Award" for New Super Technology at the World Invention Show in Geneva Switzerland.

Two torches are included with the Multiplaz 3500 allowing you to easily switch modes between cutting and welding or vice versa.

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