Large Block Shredder Reduces Material to Particles

Product Announcement from Munson Machinery Company, Inc.

Large Block Shredder Reduces Material to Particles-Image

"Maxum 30" shredder from Munson reduces large blocks and bails of material into particles of narrow size ranges with minimum fines.

Each of two rotors is configured with a staggered array of specially treated, solid carbide tips able to shred a broad variety of materials, including the most difficult-to-shred products.

The conical tips have an interference fit into receiver slots for rapid replacement.

Driven by two 20 HP (15kW) motors, the counter-rotating shafts can grind blocks of material up to 2 ft x 2 ft x 6 ft (610 x 610 x 3658 mm) in size and 1600 lb (726 kg) in weight, into uniform particles within narrow size ranges determined by the diameter of bed screen perforations which range from 1/32 to 1-1/2 in (0.79 to 38 mm).

The two 14 in (355 mm) diameter shafts rotate at 25 to 35 rpm, producing up to 240 cu ft (6.8 cu m) of sized product per hour, depending on material.

The cutter handles large pieces of solid material, blocks of frozen products, compounds that cold-flow (such as SB rubber), and highly abrasive products.

Material is fed through the top intake chute and discharge is via gravity, pneumatic transition or independently powered belt or screw conveyor.

The unit is equipped as standard with two direct-coupled shaft-mounted gear reducers.

Munson Machinery makes 10 types of size reduction equipment to meet a wide variety of requirements.