NDT Office

Product Announcement from NDE Professionals Inc.

NDT Office 2.0

An Integrated Software Product for:

  • Certification and Tracking of NDT Personnel
  • Authoring, Generating and Tracking of NDT Qualification Examinations
  • NDT Level I and II General Examination Questions

This Software program is an upgrade to QCC Certify Version 1.5 and QCC Test Generator Version 1.0. NDT Office integrates both NDT Personnel examinations with NDT personnel verification programs as a paperless system - with many new features. For those companies requiring compliance to SNT-TC-1A and NAS-410, NDT Office is a valuable tool in managing a NDT certification program. Certify and Test Generator can be purchased individually or in combination as an integrated software package called NDT Office.

NDT Office is a nearly paperless integrated software program that generates all the necessary qualification and certification records required by NAS 410 and SNT-TC-1A. With just a couple of clicks of the mouse you can provide an auditor with:


  • UP to date Personnel Certification Lists
  • NDT Personnel Certification Records
  • NDT Personnel Qualification Summaries
  • Eye Examination Records
  • Training Records
  • Control of Practical Test Samples Used in Qualification Examinations
  • Traceability to Administered General Specific and Practical Examinations
  • Archive Records

Additional Features:

  • Automatic Recertification Reminders
  • Electronic Signature Capability with Security Provisions
  • Imbedded Written Practice Parameters
  • Customized Forms with Company Logo
  • Personnel Information and Photos

Test Generator

  • Tracking of Administered Examinations
  • Demonstration of Question Randomness
  • Listing of Question Categories
  • Reference to Question Origin
  • Practical Examination Test Sample Legend and Interpretation Key
  • Control of Test Samples
  • Selection of Question Categories

Additional Features:

  • Insert Photos or illustrations
  • General Question Banks for:
    Liquid Penetrant Testing
    Magnetic Particle Testing
    Radiographic Testing
    Ultrasonic Testing
    Visual Testing

The NDT Office software program is a must for any company operating and maintaining an NDT qualification and certification program. 

You can Download the 30 day trial here.  Please note this is a 100mb file.  Download times will vary depending on your connection speed.

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