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Z535 Safety Standards Series-Image

Brief Description of all Six Standards and the Safety Color Chart

ANSI Z535 Color Chart

The ANSI Z535 Color Chart is for use with all ANSI Z535 standards and contains printed examples of the ANSI Z535 safety colors with their ink specifications.

ANSI Z535 Set

A set of all six ANSI Z535 safety standards and the ANSI Z535 Color Chart

ANSI Z535 Set – Translated into Japanese
A set of all six ANSI Z535 safety standards translated into Japanese

ANSI Z535.1 – Safety Colors

ANSI Z535.1 provides the technical definitions, color standards, and color tolerances for safety colors. Color codes used on safety signs, labels, and tags have been developed in the past by a large number of firms and organizations. Although these color codes give satisfaction to those using them, they lack uniformity. This standard establishes a "standard for safety colors" that will alert and inform persons to take precautionary action or other appropriate action in the presence of hazards.

ANSI Z535.2 – Environmental Facility and Safety Signs

ANSI Z535.2 provides guidance for industries, commercial establishments, property owners, employers, and others on environmental and facility safety signs. This standard establishes requirements for a uniform visual system of identification related to potential hazards in the environment. The design, application, and use of signs and placards employing this visual alerting system are covered as well as the safety signs used at fixed locations in the environment such as industrial facilities, large movable signs that may be used on a temporary basis, and the steps to be taken to avoid the hazard.

ANSI Z535.3 – Criteria for Safety Symbols

ANSI Z535.3 provides general principles for the design, evaluation, and use of safety symbols to identify and warn against specific hazards and personal injury. This standard addresses the fact that the U.S. population is multi-ethnic, highly mobile, and derived from a multiplicity of social and educational backgrounds. Word only signs may not be effective in promoting safety to the general population. Effective safety symbols have demonstrated their ability to provide critical information for accident prevention and for personal protection. Signs with safety symbols can promote greater and more rapid communication of the safety message, and therefore, greater safety for the general population in the immediate environment and workplaces.

ANSI Z535.4 – Product Safety Signs and Labels

ANSI Z535.4 provides a hazard communication system developed specifically for product safety signs and labels. This standard sets forth a consistent visual layout and performance requirements for the design, application, use and placement of safety signs and labels intended to identify hazards for persons using, operating, and servicing or otherwise in proximity to a wide variety of products, as well as a national uniform system for the recognition of potential personal injury hazards.

ANSI Z535.5 – Safety Tags and Barricade Tapes (for Temporary Hazards)

ANSI Z535.5 provides the requirements for the design and use of safety tags and barricade tapes and reflects harmonization with the international standards by permitting different colors to be used with the safety alert symbol that are a means of alerting people to temporary hazards often associated with construction equipment installation, maintenance, repair, lockout or other transient conditions. Safety tags and barricade tapes are used to identify a temporary hazard. They should be used only until such time as the identified hazard is eliminated or the hazardous operation is completed.

ANSI Z535.6 – Product Safety Information in Product Manuals, Instructions, and Other Collateral Materials

ANSI Z535.6 provides a uniform and consistent visual layout for safety information in collateral materials for a wide variety of products. This standard minimizes the proliferation of designs for safety information in collateral materials, establishes a system for the recognition of potential personal injury hazards for those persons using products, assists manufacturers in providing safety information in collateral materials, and promotes the efficient development of safety messages in collateral materials.

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