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Grid Belt Conveyors & Cooling Lines

NERAK has a long record of engineering, designing and building complete turnkey Cooling Systems ranging from Tread Cooling Lines in the Tire Industry - cooling of master batch and final compounded sheet or extrudate - to parts cooling of extruded or molded rubber items.

Cooling or drying line systems for the plastics industry as well as special designed systems for industrial systems are also available.

Cooling Lines from NERAK are primarily used for cooling unvulcanized rubber in the Tire and Rubber Industry. Grid Belts carry the band of rubber or other material to be cooled.

There are three different ways of cooling the product: Immersion Cooling, Spray Cooling and Air Cooling. The open grid of the grid belts allows the product to be surrounded evenly by the cooling medium from all sides. Chilled water is the cooling medium of choice in most cases.

Because of size constraints at many of the customer's sites, Cooling Lines are usually designed for several levels of horizontal Grid Belt Conveyors built into Cooling tanks or tunnels, one above the other to save floor space. This requires transfers between the conveyor levels. The transfer of the material conveyed is fully automatic. Variable Speed Drives and so called Dancer Bars (mounted at the transfers) on the Conveyors are synchronizing the Conveyor speeds to that of the cooled product speed to ensure smooth transfers and avoiding hang ups and balling up of the conveyed product.

Immersion Cooling is a very cost effective and highly efficient solution. The strips or sheets are immersed into water and transported gently without stretch supported by the grid belt. Open top construction of the troughs allows for easy access of the whole conveyor system, allowing you to check your product at any position.

Energy, maintenance and service cost are low compared to other systems. Turbulence in the water caused by the contra rotating carrying and return sections of the grid belt adds substantially to the cooling performance of the system.

Spray Cooling has a higher cooling effect than Immersion Cooling. The length of Spray Cooling lines are at least 10-15% shorter than Immersion Cooling Lines. Spray nozzles mounted above and below the horizontally running strips or sheets cool the product with high pressure water spray. The nozzles are designed to break the heat barrier at the surface of the product for more effective cooling. Evaporative cooling adds considerably to the overall performance of spray cooling. Spray Cooling lines are designed as enclosed structures to contain the moisture within line. Big viewing windows which also function as maintenance doors ensure easy access at all time.

Energy, maintenance and service cost are low compared to other systems. Make-up water requirement is low as spray nozzles use little water and the bottom tanks of the cooling tower collects all the return water for recycling during the cooling process.

Air Cooling is rarely applied for high performance lines with Grid Belt Conveyors, as this type of system would increase the line length. If at all, air cooling lines are used downstream from immersion or spray cooling lines for drying and additional cooling drying.

Grid Belts or Grid Belt Conveyors are consisting of two or more parallel NERAK Rubber Chains connected by either Fiberglass or stainless steel rods to form a continuous grid that supports and conveys single piece or continuous products.

NERAK Grid Belts with rubber chains and Fiberglass rods provide a conveyor which eliminates damage to soft unvulcanized rubber whether it's used in immersion, spray or air cooling applications.

Grid Belts are also used in vegetable and potato harvester applications carrying produce in a gentle way from the harvester to the collection bin. The design of the grid belt with no metal surface makes it ideal for the rough farming environment, it is easy to clean and the soil brought to the conveyor by uprooting the vegetables can not damage the link-less grid belt unlike traditional conveyor chains. Since our rubber chains need no lubrication, soil and dirt does not cling to it.

Many other uses in other applications are possible, typically as horizontal conveyor or tracks for vehicles. Please contact us if you have an application and are not sure if it works for you.

NERAK Rubber Chains with high-tensile steel cable inside are the driving and transporting members without wear points that need lubrication or maintenance. The Operation is silent and clean. Different Rubber compounds are available to make the right chain for your conveyor environment. Click here for more information on NERAK Rubber Chains.

NERAK Vertical Conveyors have lower Power requirements and less need for servicing and maintenance compared than any conventional conveying system.

Idlers and Shafts for grid belts can be supplied by NERAK. There are many different wheel sizes and materials available. All our drive wheels and idlers a designed to fit perfectly.

Carrying Rods and Clips come in different sizes and designs. Rods are available in reinforced Fiberglass and Stainless Steel. Plastic Clips and cross members are available to transform a grid belt into a mesh belt. The mesh belt prevents material from sagging between the rods or is used for smaller items to be conveyed. The rods can also be equipped with plastic tubes to prevent the material conveyed from slipping while it is transported.

The Design of your Specialty Grid Belt application can be made by NERAK. We will be happy to advise you on the best material choice, Grid Belt type and Wheel sizes for your application.