SELF CLEANING Bucket Conveyor from NERAK

Product Announcement from NERAK Systems Inc.

SELF CLEANING Bucket Conveyor from NERAK-Image

NERAK continuous bucket conveyors can be supplied in a self-cleaning version: product spillage in the bottom horizontal section is collected by the return strand of buckets and returned to the process. Alternatively, cleaning drawers, mesh or hinged bottom panels can be supplied.

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NERAK Conveyors feature:

Robust thick-walled buckets in multiple materials: Food-safe, Anti-static, Metal, Conductive, Heat-Resistant, Grey and metal-detectable.

  • Corrosion free components
  • Utilizes wear and lubrication-free NERAK Rubber Chain
  • Gentle and quiet operation
  • Casings can be dust, water or gas tight
  • Air and Water Clean in Place Systems (CIP)
  • Rapid and cost effective replacement of parts
  • Low Energy requirement
  • Durable construction