Capacitive Tubular Threaded Barrel AC ET720-42410

Product Announcement from Namco Controls

Capacitive Tubular Threaded Barrel AC ET720-42410-Image

Namco offers a full line of capacitive sensors designed to sense non-metallic products. Capacitive proximity  sensors can be adjusted so that they will ignore or “see through” an object in order to detect a second object behind it. As long as the object in the foreground is not metallic, the sensor will actually be able to sense products such as powders, granular material, and liquids even when they are hidden from view. Capacitive sensors operate by detecting the change in capacitance between the capacitive sensor and the intended target. Capacitance is an electrical property between two separate materials, and its strength varies with distance and the properties of the materials. Namco's capacitive sensors have sensing ranges up to 70mm