Nuclear Qualified Switches

Product Announcement from Namco Controls

Nuclear Qualified Switches-Image

NAMCO is the demonstrated world leader in heavy industrial control sensors – the Snap Lock™  line of limit switches are known for over 60 years of rugged reliability under the most brutal conditions. NAMCO has the largest installed base of nuclear qualified switches in the world.  Trusted more than any other brand, we provide critical position indication solutions where failure is not an option. 

Namco Controls grew from the heavy duty side of the industrial world. For decades, Snap Lock® limit switches have been the benchmark in reliability for steel mills, auto factories, foundries, power plants and machine shops.  In 1938, the need for a limit switch of high quality, repeatability, and reliability was pressing – but one didn’t exist.  Namco Controls was therefore created to design and manufacture limit switches for our own needs. Innovative and  reliable from the beginning, they were eagerly sought after by other companies, and we branched out into supplying the demand.